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Swan Consultants LLC

Laboratory Animal Science

P.O. Box 330685

Nashville, TN 37203

 We are pleased to provide the following services:

Development and implementation of laboratory animal programs.

Facility design.

Assessment of laboratory animal programs and facility inspections.

Establishment and training of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Collaborate on management of animal facilities.

Assist to maintain compliance with regulatory agencies such as USDA, OLAW, FDA, AAALAC, etc.

Create and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Generate and write IACUC protocols.

Veterinary review of IACUC protocols.

Training of animal care and research personnel to support success in ALAT, LAT, and LATG.

Post-approval monitoring of IACUC protocols.

Electronic data management of animal production, testing and research institutions.